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Company Profile

Hongxin is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high technology conveyor maintenance parts and rubber products to the bulk material handling sector.

Main Products

Pulley Lagging

Belt Cleaner

Skirting Rubber

Impact Bar

Rubber Roller

Anti-Slip Mat

Silicone Sheet


Coal Industry                       Steel                           Mining Industry

Port                                      Thermal Power          Cement

Machinery                           Petroleum                   Chemical

Our Mission

Our goal is to be know worldwide for delivering high quality products and services that meet clients needs, and to provide the technical support.

How We Do Our Business

We work as a team, and our customer are part of that team

We believe that every detail is important, and we strive to meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

We deliver innovative products that fulfill our customers needs.

What Makes HONGXIN Different ?

Product Quality

Rapid time to delivery

24/7 tech follow-up


                                        Patent Certificate for Slide Lagging                                     


                              Safety Certificate of approval for mining products                     


                                                      ISO 9001 Certificate