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Advantages of ceramic rubber lagging for conveyor pulleys
Apr 27, 2018

Advantages of ceramic rubber lagging for conveyor pulleys.

The ceramic lagging is a kind of pulley lagging,which has normal features of pulley rubber lagging, the most important is special used in extreme working conditions, such as wet, mud, or open conveyor systems. For heavy duty or high wear working conditions, the normal rubber surface pattern may wear out in a short time, what's worse, it may causes the belt slipping in rain or running in water. So the ceramic lagging is design to solve those problems. 

Advantages of Ceramic lagging. 

1. Increase traction and friction greatly

2. High wear resistant, no need discharge or replace pulley frequency

3. Extend service life, reduce running cost

4. Improve loading conditions of belt and pulley, min. wear. 

5. Safety and protect belt from damaged.