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How to make the belt repair more secure in wet weather?
Apr 02, 2018

For the conveyor belt repair maintenance. 

The cold vulcanization glue and curing agent is sensitive to moisture in wet weather.The water vapor in the air forms a water film on the surface of glue,water remains in the glue film will form a weak class,then reduce bonding strength.

The curing agent reacts with water, will loss its activity and no cross-linking effect. So, the bonding surface for the belt repair must keep intensive drying. Note: it's not appropriate to maintenance the conveyor belt when the humidity is greater than 80%. 

How to make the belt repair more secure in wet weather?

It's very important to drying treatment of installation environment or repair area. Because the drier of the bonding interface, the more sufficient of the glue soluting to the fabric, then the adhesive is more strength. For the bonding degree of adhesion, the closer of bonding, the stronger adhesion. 

When engineers repair the belt in the wet weather, they can try best to find a dry working environment. And in order to save time for quickly glue solidification and  stronger adhesion, you should use tungsten lamp or infrared lamp to bake the(60℃ to 80℃ of baking temperature) glue after apply glue each time to accelerate the solvent evaporation. The vertical distance between lamp and belt surface must be more than 50cm when bake it, or else will easily cause the rubber membrane burns and fires.

Prolong curing time will make a better adhesive effect if the condition is convenient.

Surely, workers should pay attention to details and correct operation when polish, clean, apply glue and stick repair patch in other working construction in addition to the above requirements.