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How to select the suitable rubber lagging for the conveyor pulleys ?
Mar 24, 2018

How to select the suitable rubber lagging for the conveyor pulleys ?

The surface of the drum / pulley itself is smooth, for the drum/pulley without rubber lagging is easy to damage, wear and corrosion during the running, and finally affece its service life. The worst is causing the conveyor bet slipping and bring security risks to the whole belt conveyor systems. That is the main reason why the pulley/drum need to rubber lagging. 

The pulley / drum lagging is use the rubber sheet to bond or weld with retainer on the pulley surface. So, the quality of rubber sheet will determines the pulley/ drum performances of anti-slipping and wear resistant, reduce the impact of material to the drum/pulley, protect the pulley/drum drom damaging. So, It's very important to select the suitbale rubber lagging maetrial for the conveyor pulley or drums. 

The select of rubber lagging sheet should be in accordance with the environment requirement onsite. 

1. For steel and pow plant. The conveyor systems are normal carrying large and sharp materials, these materials are has large impact to the pulley / drum during the conveying. So the rubber lagging sheet should has good features of impact resistant. 

2. For coal mining. Specially for under-ground coal mining, due to the conveying environment is closed spaces, so the lagging rubber sheet should has good performance of flame retardant. 

3. For Cement plant. The conveyor pulleys/drums surface are easy to corrosion due to the humidity. So the pulley rubber lagging sheet should has good features of corrosion resistant. 

According to above installation requirements, we recommend you to select pulley lagging with HONGXIN brand.

The HONGXIN brands rubber lagging including cold bonding rubber lagging ( diamond rubber lagging and ceramic rubber lagging ), slide lag-weldable rubber lagging, slide ceramic lagging, etc. The rubber lagging sheet manufactured by HONGXIN can achieve good performance of anti-slipping, high wear resistant, acid&alkali resistant, oil resistant, high/low temperature resistant, etc.