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The damage and reason of conveyor belt breaking
Mar 26, 2018

The damages and reasons of conveyor belt breaking. 

The belt conveyor system widely used in the material handling industries. It's a normal phonoment for the conveyor belt breaking due to the working conditions, conveying mateirals and quality of belt conveyor. The conveyor belt breaking brings many bad effects, such as reduce production effective, extend downtime, the worse is endanger the safety of workers. 

1. Damages of conveyor belt breaking

The conveyor belt breaking may damage other conveyor components, such as the idler roller frame,  the rollers can't be fixed strongly if the frame damaged, then the rollers may fall off, this will brings risks to the safety of workers.  Besides, the econimic losses are enormous if the belt conveyor can't be running. 

2. Reasons of conveyor belt breaking

Here some reasons may causes the conveyor belt breaking. First, the disqualified of the conveyor belt joint. The conveyor belt joint may use the metal joint or vulcanized joint. Once the quality of belt joint can't be guaranteed, the joint part is easy to damaged. Second, the conveyor belt creaking may causes the belt breaking directly, this is the main reasons to the belt breaking.