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The defference between dual seal rubber skirt and common rubber seal strips
Mar 27, 2018

The reason to choose dual sealing rubber skirt for belt conveyor system.

The problems of common rubber skirt:

The common rubber belts are widely used as a guide chute sealing strips, and fixed by angle steel, wedge lock device, etc. This sealing type brings many problems.

1. Poor wear resistant of the seal strips, the rubber may wear out within a short time. The seal strips and the belt can’t be touch closely, which brings bad sealing performance. In this way, the dust will be leakage, result in environmental pollution.

2. The rubber belt sealing no deformation. The rubber sealing installed in a static state, a clearance grip may exist between rubber strips and the belt when conveyor loaded. This will lead to material leakage.

3. The rubber sealing strip is the single sealing.


The dual sealing skirt for conveyor belt is designed to solve the problem leaded by common rubber skirt sealing.

1. Material of dual rubber skirt: the rubber skirt are made of polyurethane and natural rubber. The polyurethane layer touch the conveyor belt. The polyurethane material has good features of wear resistant, can prolong its service life and protect the belt from damaging.

2. Sealing performance: The dual sealing skirt can prevent the material from spilling out.