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The importance of pulley lagging to conveyor belt system
Mar 23, 2018

Belt Conveyor Pulley & Lagging. 

The pulley rubber lagging is the main parts and components of belt conveyor system, the pulley after rubber covered can improve the running status of belt conveyor systems; protect metal pulley from wearing ; the pattern groove increase the friction value greatly; reduce the sliding friction between the pulley and conveyor belt; prevent belt from slipping ; improve operating efficiency. 

HONGXIN RUBBER / DCCD provide various types of pulley rubber lagging. 

1. Hot vulcanized rubber lagging

Advantages: Low cost. 


  • Poor performance of wear resistant

  • Short service life

  • Can't be install onsite

  • Higher transport costs

2. Cold bonding pulley lagging with CN layer


  • Onsite installation

  • Strong adhesive force

  • Long service life

  • Wear resistant

3. Slide Lag- Replaceable Pulley Lagging

  • Faster install and maintenance than cold bonding lagging rubber

  • Onsite install and maintenance

  • Superior wear resistant

  • Longer service life

Pictures of Pulley Lagging we installed.