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The pulley rubber lagging at the port.
Mar 24, 2018

The belt conveyor drums or pulley rubber lagging at the port.

The quality of pulley rubber lagging determined by the glue & adhesive and rubber materials, especially in a poor working conditions. 

Normally, the steel wire conveyor belts are used in port conveyor systems. The whole length of the belts can up to thousands of meters, heavy duty and long distance requests a higher requirements of lagging for pulley. Here some tips to choose the best rubber lagging materials. 

1. Port environment

Outdoor high temperature exposure, easily corroded by sea water. The rubber material is easy to aging under this conditions, especially the reclaimed rubber contained. In this way, the lagging rubber will to be harder quickly. So the rubber lagging for pulley at the ports should has good features of acid&alkali resistant and aging resistant. High quality rubber lagging sheet is necessary to ensure its service life.

2.Wear resistant and friction force

The main purpose of pulley rubber lagging is to prevent the pulley from wear and corrossion, and increase the friciton value between the pulley and conveyor belt. The wear resistant of the lagging rubber determines how long the pulley rubber coated can be used. 

3. Adhesive of rubber lagging

For the cold bonding rubber lagging, the rubber sheet is adhesived on the pulley surface by glue. In other words, the stronger of the bonding, then the pulley and rubber lagging can withstand higher intensity of conveying. The rubber sheet, glue, install environment and experience will affect the bonding strength.