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Application Of Low Voltage Transducer In Rubber Machinery Industry
May 08, 2017

Common rubber products are: rubber shoes, hose, tape, film, tire, recycled rubber products. and the production of various products have their own different special machines or production lines, but the production of these products is the common equipment is the same basic equipment: raw materials processing machinery: Cutting machine, grinder, screening machine; rubber pulp mixer; open rubber mixing machine and its ancillary equipment; screw extruder and its subsidiary machinery; Cord impregnation machine and heat extension linkage line; calender and its linkage device; cord, canvas, wire cord cutter and its subsidiary machinery. In the rubber products, tire, tire recycling methods and processes are more complex, requiring a lot of motor speed regulation. The main equipment of regenerative glue production line: Cutting machine, crusher, rubber crushing machine, sorting machine, grinding machine and other units of the motor, before the use of three-phase AC asynchronous motor, and according to the modern production process and recycled adhesive quality requirements, the current line of the cutting ring machine, crusher, grinding machines and other units must be variable frequency adjustment set.