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Application Of Mechanical Technology In Rubber Industry
May 08, 2017

Tires, the rubber industry is the largest number of products. Whether from the use of rubber raw materials and the production of rubber products. It all occupies the bulk of the rubber products market, consumes about 80% of the amount of rubber resources. Therefore, tire molding machinery is also very important. Since the invention of inflatable tires 1888, with the development of the automotive industry, a variety of specifications, various properties of rubber tires emerge. A high-performance, high-quality car, if there is no corresponding performance and quality of tire support, is tantamount to scrap iron general. And the development of the tire industry. Tire Molding Machinery Participation is also crucial. Whether it is inner tube or tire. They all need a certain molding machine mould to shape. In particular, tire molding, tyre production process is the core process, is a variety of tire "parts" assembly processes, will curtain, wire ring, Bao Bu, tread and other parts of the composite fitting into tire embryo. Therefore, tire molding machinery to a large extent determines the tire performance and quality. With the progress and development of human society and economic culture, various kinds of vehicles emerge. Therefore, the various types and specifications of the performance tires are endless.