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Industrial Brush And Brush Roller Is How To Select The
May 08, 2017

Application of Brush Roller: 1 Surface treatment of metallic materials. 2, all kinds of industrial products and materials cleaning, grinding and so on. 3, printed circuit board surface cleaning and grinding. Brush rollers are widely used in metallurgical industry, such as: high temperature strip conveying, wool surface treatment, surface cleaning, oxidation peel removal, polishing plate. Application of abrasive nylon brush roller With example: I plant the production of abrasive nylon brush Roller, the use of imported 612 nylon, and domestic 1010 nylon, combined with the input of 20 grinding materials for the brush roller processing of silk material forming, it has high strength/rigidity/fatigue/chemical resistance/melting point of higher advantages, is high strength wear-resistant brush roller. Can be provided to brush silk material: steel wire, pain-plated wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, nylon, abrasive silk, bristles, white bristles, etc., can be winding the smallest aperture 6mm. Abrasive nylon brush roller for galvanized steel plate blasting machine, food machinery and other industrial equipment.