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Industrial Brush (Roller) Application And Selection Of Manufacturing Materials
May 08, 2017

1, Industrial Brush Roller Application range: 1, all kinds of industrial products and materials cleaning, grinding and so on. 2, metal material surface treatment. 3, PCB surface cleaning and grinding. In short, the industrial brush roller is widely used in metallurgical industry, such as: high temperature belt conveyor, wool surface treatment, surface cleaning, oxidation skin removal, polishing plate. 2. Application range of abrasive nylon brush roller: abrasive nylon Brush Roller The department adopts imported 612 nylon, and homemade 1010 nylon, combining the grinding material of the 20 for the brush roller material processing and forming, it has high strength, rich rigidity, fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, melting point higher advantages, is high strength wear-resistant brush roller. Abrasive nylon brush roller for galvanized steel plate blasting machine, food machinery and other industrial equipment.