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Problems Needing Attention In Coupling
May 08, 2017

Coupling is the intermediate connecting parts of each movement mechanism, it has a direct influence on the normal operation of each movement mechanism, so it must be noticed that the shaft coupling is not allowed to have more than the prescribed axial skew and radial displacement, lest affect its transmission performance. ② Ling Si Coupling bolt must not be loose, defect. ③ gear coupling and cross-sliding block coupling to be lubricated periodically, generally 2-3-6 months plus grease once, lest the teeth wear severe, cause serious consequences. The tooth width contact length of gear coupling must not be less than 70%; The axial channeling momentum must not be greater than 5mm. The coupling does not allow cracks to exist, if there are cracks to be replaced (use small hammer percussion, according to sound judgment). Ling Si coupling key should be tight, not loose. Gear coupling of the tooth thickness wear, the lifting mechanism exceeds the original tooth thickness of 15%, to the operating mechanism of more than 25% should be scrapped, have broken teeth should also be scrapped. The elastic ring of the pin coupling, the sealing ring of the gear coupling, if the damage aging, should pay attention to the timely replacement.

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