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Proper Use Of COTS
May 08, 2017

The newly cast cots should not be put into use immediately. Because the newly-cast COTS internal structure is not stable enough, if put into use immediately, easy to reduce the service life. Therefore, the new cots should be placed for a period of time, so that the glue roller contact outside ambient temperature and humidity, maintain a relatively stable state, this can increase the toughness of the colloid, thereby improving durability. The proper storage of idle cots. The cots should be cleaned after the use of plastic film to seal the colloid pack up, put on the cots, must not a few roots casually stacked on a piece or smoothly on the wall, lest the colloid should not be subjected to undue loss. The waste cots in the process of transporting casting, should not throw disorderly pressure or stress, keep the roller core not eccentric, not bending, to ensure that the normal use of the roller core.