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The Importance To Choose Reliable Supplier Of Pulley Lagging HONGXIN
Oct 19, 2017

Conveyor Belt System Maintenance Service.

Dengfeng Cement plant is one of the largest cement supplier in Henan Province. In July. 2014, one of their production line needs to urgent maintenance. Their project leader told us the rubber lagging they did just served 3 months due to break-down and glue failure of rubber face. To offer better service, Our engineer arrived at the project site within 24 hours, and found the key to their failure in the rubber lagging - the big dust, the normal cold bonding rubber lagging needs higher requirements for install environment.


According to the site application environment, our engineers advice the slide lagging instead of the cold bonding rubber lagging. The slide lagging pads are welded on pulley surface by retainers, and has good features of fast install & maintenance, superior wear resistant, belt friendly, min. Downtime, etc.


Three year later, our engineers are come to the project site again, note the slide lagging running steady. 


The slide Lagging installed for cement industry.